Our family has farmed since they settled in the Sanpete Valley in 1897. Our family specializes in all natural, grass fed beef.

The ranch is located on Old Mill Road, named for a mill built in the 1800’s . Although there is no sign on our winding dirt road, the locals all know where to find us.  Also know as “The Bottoms”, since the ranch is located in the bottom of the Sanpete valley. Something about our ground and flowing creeks, create beef that everyone says is the best they have ever tasted.

Sunflowers and sprinklers

We practice good land stewardship, by allowing our herd to free range and rotate pastures regularly. This allow for their organic matter to compost naturally. The herd is only as big as the land will naturally support. We plant grasses that are drought tolerant. We practice water conservation by making sure our sprinklers are in top functioning order. In the winter, the herd still free range, but are fed from the manger in our barn. The grass and alfalfa hay they eat is raised by us. Ensuring that the grass is pesticide and herbicide free. Allow our beef to grow to full size naturally, means an extra year of investment into their feed and care. They are always grass finished and grain free. Each calf is born and raised on the ranch, no hormones or antibiotics are used in their care.


In 2013 the younger generation took over and switched things up “from the way things were always done” and started selling our beef straight to consumers. We take pride in raising the highest-quality beef for generations.

There are 5 children that grew up on the ranch and currently 2 of the siblings and their families run the ranch. Meet the ranchers:

kevin and amy
Kevin and Amy
daniel and tia
Daniel and Tia